Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Masi - Milan and Southern California

Renowned bicycle artisan, Faliero Masi passed away on Tuesday, January 4th. His world-famous atelier under the curve of Milano's Vigorelli Velodrome had created some of the greatest racing bikes of the 20th Century. Masi built bikes for many of cycling greatest champions. Masi was predominantly a "servizio corse", building less than 1000 frames per year, mostly for trade teams and racers.
With the worldwide bike boom of the '70's, Masi's creations like the elegant Gran Criterium became famous around the globe. Eventually, Faliero Masi sold the rights to his name to an American company, who made Masi bikes in Southern California
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 and here- http://www.eroicacicli.com/tag/masi/

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