Friday, 30 September 2011

Big Mig and his Espada

Designed in 1994 with the help of Ing Giacchi, an aerodynamics engineer who worked in Formula One, the Espada, like the Lotus Sport, was composite monocoque that at the time was still a rarity in the cycling industry. Like the Lotus, the Espada did away with the downtube and seatstays, but unlike the Lotus the Espada shape reassembled more of an arrowhead shape with the point forming the headtube. The most striking feature of the Espada was its large carbon chainstays that featured a cutaway for the chain to run through. The first version was made for the track and Indurain’s hour record attempt and then was modified for the road. The bike was specifically constructed for Indurain, and thus only four were ever constructed. What made the Espada so significant is that like LeMond five years earlier, the winner of the Tour de France had embraced new technology and used it to devastating effect on the racecourse.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Benotto out of Turin Italy and Mexico

Giacinto Benotto married a Mexican lady and moved to Mexico (not sure when). His high-end bikes were still made in Italy but he mobed the production of his lower-end bikes to Mexico. Benotto still exists in Mexico making bikes
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Serotta out of New York

The original Serotta pursuit bike used by Leonard Nitz to win bronze in the ’84 Olympics

As bike designers and builders, we have distinguished ourselves for almost 30 years with performance engineering no one else imagined possible. We love designing and building bikes, and we thrive on challenge. That's what most people know about Serotta. We built the first US-made 'aero' pursuit frames (1977)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Tommasini frames are something very unique in the world. Unique, because as the best artisan tradition knows, every frame created by hand, has the maximum attention given to minute detail. The materials used in the whole production line are of the best quality. Perfection comes about because of intense research in every detail, from the priming of the tube to the quality control of the frame after painting

Irio Tommasini, spent most of his life around bicycles. In 1948, while still racing as an amateur, he started his career by building bikes at a premier bicycle factory in Milan, Italy. It was there that he had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in making quality bikes. By 1957, the techniques he had learned enabled him to start his own business, Tommasini, in his hometown of Grosseto, Italy.

Friday, 23 September 2011

3Rensho out of Japan (pronounced: san rensho)

3Rensho despite being a relatively small workshop is one of the biggest names in Japanese cycling. They have stamped their self in history with radical frame designs and timeless graphics. 3Rensho started life as Cherubim Cycles in 1973, in charge were brother Yoshi & Hitoshi Konno. Yoshi went on to start the 3Rensho brand and brother Hitoshi continued the now famous Cherubim brand. Master builders Makino & Yamaguchi built for 3Rensho, building countless designs. Now 3Rensho is finished but the legend lives on through the thousands of frames still around.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The 24 inch front wheel

"More research, and to some extent, rules modifications have rendered them a footnote in cycling history"

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Koichi Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Bicycles was founded in 1987 by Koichi Yamaguchi (a framebuilder who went on to work as the National Team Mechanic for the US Cycling Federation in 1988 and the official framebuilder for the United States Olympic Cycling Team in 1989).

Mr Yamaguchi began at Japan's 3 Rensho company building frames for professional Keirin riders, the most famous being ten-time Sprint World Champion Koichi Nakano. In 1987, he realized that it was time to bring his unique vision of the frame builder's art to the public, and came to the United States where he founded his own company.

The shop specializes in bicycle frames built to the measurements of riders' bodies, as well as training bicycle framebuilders. Yamaguchi bicycles are renowned for outstanding responsiveness, handling and "feel". Many experienced cyclists and racers prefer custom built to measure frames to enhance comfort and performance during long hours of training.
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