Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ciocc from Italy to Australia?

Ciocc, (say like CHEE-OH-CH) for the passionate cyclist, is a brand that recalls the early days of the great Italian handcraft tradition of road frames. It was 60 years ago that CIOCC, working from a small artisan shop, produced high quality frames for some very demanding pro riders. Sixty years later, CIOCC is still visible in the professional ranks as a confirmed leader in the world of road bike frames. Stefano Bonati, Cesare Biondi and Biffi Giuseppe - owners of Ciocc - realise the importance of the company's origins, traditions and attention to detail. Ciocc is a market leader of dream-worthy frames that become instant classics and timeless in themselves as well as evolved carbon frames.

"Frame maestro of Ciocc was Giovanni Pelizzoli. Ciocc was his nickname (local dialect for "poker faced" thus the Ciocc badge of four aces in a cross formation). Claudio Corti won the 1977 U23 Worlds on a Ciocc at San Cristobal, Venezuela, hence the name of their signature model. They also had a model called "Mockba 1980" Giovanni Pelizzoli later help found and design all of the first models of the Masciaghi tubed Fausto Coppi frames when that company was formed. Reportedly many pros rode repainted Cioccs in the 1980's
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  1. Ciocc is for "donkey" (asino, ciuccio, somaro), absolutely not for "poker face", i really don't know where did you get that story...