Tuesday, 26 March 2013

textima- DDR

a couple of Textimas from Bici Cronos flickr- http://www.flickr.com/photos/cronobikes
 Bill Huck SC Dynamo Berlin  photo 8577585242_70967595c1_b_zps55c6acb4.jpg
Bernd Dittert SC Dynamo Berlin  photo 8577584386_1b4211bb4f_b_zps7fae679f.jpg

Friday, 22 March 2013

TVM - Gazelle - Netherlands

Hi, I thought you might like to see images of my lo pro......it's also for sale! Pat

 photo image_zpsbbb7a32a.jpeg  photo image1_zpsed4cec51.jpeg

Moser pursuit

Hey I am Riefki Do You Know Someone want to sell Italy LowePro/Pursuit Track Bike Size 51-53(ST)? And I want Share My Moser Bike To You. riefki_nasru@hotmail.com  photo francesco-moser-pursuit-5160_7_zps0ed5476a.jpg

Friday, 15 March 2013

Montagner - Italy - on ebay

Handmade Italian bicycle frames using Oria GM0.0 Ribbed and Oria ML25 Indented tubing.Montagner frames were built by Luigi Montagner, whose claim to fame was being builder to the Czech and Polish national teams for the 1987 season.

 photo DSC_0471_zpsb60f140f.jpg  photo DSC_0487_zps27797fd0.jpg  photo DSC_0488_zps4b6a0d8f.jpg  photo 2557085771_c7bab311fb_zps7f3ee2ff.jpg

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Colnago Pista

Siegfried sent me this photo of his Colnago pista-  photo DSC03260_zpsde89cafc.jpg

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rychtarski - Poland

Rychtarski  - Polish frame builder
more here-
and here-
thanks Ben from Melbourne for drawing my attention to these.
 photo 8509590421_571ec0a42c_b_zps519d2e9a.jpg  photo 8510698240_72e592a704_b_zpsbd9fb094.jpg  photo 8528397734_26294de242_b_zps5bccbbba.jpg  photo 8528398218_d209bf83ee_b_zps8b2ee684.jpg

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Moser big wheel

walked onto my host’s stand at the bike show I was visiting in Budapest this weekend and the hairs almost stood up on the back of my neck.  Right in front of their stall was one of the legendary bikes of cycle sport – the extraordinary bike ridden by Italian star Francesco Moser in 1988 to break the “the hour”, one of cycling’s most extreme records.To anybody immersed in cycle sport at the time this was the stuff of legends. It even had a photo indicating authenticity....

the rest is here-

 photo francesco-moser-hour-record-bike_zpsf88ae777.jpg

Monday, 4 March 2013

Rossins at Brick Lane Bikes

we have just come back from Italy and brought few nice frames , I thought you will like them , white one is super rare I guess , never seen one before , all will be available from our webshop at some point , but if anyone is interested they can email me direct
The green one is same as as the one rossin build for russian pursuit team on which they won gold in 80's , and it is build from my favourite tubing columbus MAX. 

 photo 164422_559236740777827_546042345_n_zpsa5be8593.jpg  photo IMG_1919_zpsb56dfbc3.jpg  photo IMG_2031_zps8d058b49.jpg

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rich Gängl Colorado USA.

Rich Gängl
Gängl builds just 20-25 frames annually in titanium, steel, carbon fiber and aluminum but specializes in TIG-welded titanium and fillet-brazed and lugged steel. He also does exceptional restoration work, his frames have won world and national championships, he has a 6-12-month waiting list, and he himself is a two-time world champion on the track.
 more here-
 http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/nahbs-2013-gangl-custom-cycles photo gangl_29_670_zps9e7df397.jpg  photo gangl_14_670_zps770e9e1c.jpg

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tommasini Air Cx tt frame -Itlay

1 0F 8 FRAMES BUILT FOR THE BULGARIAN OLYMPIC SQUAD FOR THE ATLANTA 1996 GAMES!? off of ebay-  photo 637284261_o_zps036b4a8f.jpg  photo 637285176_o_zps7783d7e7.jpg

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Concorde - Erik Breukink - Netherlands

on ebay-
Concorde is a Dutch brand, but the frames were manufactured in Italy by Ciöcc-Conti, founded by Giovanni Pellizzoli and later taken over by the Bonati brothers. Concorde became known as a sponsor of the successful Dutch PDM-team towards the end of the 80s.  This frame was used by Erik Breukink, a time trial specialist who later became manager of team Rabobank.

 photo 11lj890_zpsbffd89a9.jpg  photo 735715liberia12_zps4c52c306.jpg  photo 646213894_o_zpsacbd2c5d.jpg

Monday, 18 February 2013

Liberia / RMO 1989 France

 Liberia / RMO Team  under CLM used on the  Tour de Frnace 1989 by thierry Claveyrolat 

more here-
and here-
 photo 574692Clm_zps1a7d0bb6.jpg  photo 735715liberia12_zps9c171d02.jpg

Friday, 15 February 2013

Samoilov - Russia

J.P. Samoylov is a famous Soviet/Russian framebuilder. He supplied the national teams with the frames over a long period of time. more here- http://samoylovjp.tumblr.com/  photo tumblr_md4pv4AUyY1rdl9jvo1_1280_zps17d2ffa7.jpg  photo 8432071465_929fdd369f_b_zps6977fd5c.jpg

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Trimble -USA. 1990

The carbon monocoque frame is obviously aerodynamic but it also allows the internal reinforcements to be placed anywhere inside the frame as opposed to a standard frames made of tubes. Not sure how many were made but this one is #62. One interesting feature is the small hatch on the side of the frame which allows access to internal storage and gives us a peek into the internal structure.

more here- http://www.mombat.org/MOMBAT/Bikes/1990_Trimble_Aero.html
   photo TTTSide_zps9fdd441b.jpg  photo KGrHqVHJEgFD25ULVBQ-2ZWDPcg60_57_zpsed0d5fab.jpg

Monday, 28 January 2013

Chas Roberts - UK.

It was made for me by Chas when I was racing, back in the 80's
This bike was only used a couple of times a year, one of which was as part of team Haverhill, we won the 100KM team time trial, beating the Manchester Wheelers.
on ebay

 photo KGrHqZq4FDmR6ijbiBQ-v7Rhg60_57_zpsf63a29ff.jpg photo T2eC16hyEE9s5jHPgBQ-v41tYR60_57_zpsba4bca0a.jpg

Friday, 25 January 2013

Raleigh - ex team bike

Malcolm Elliot's Reynolds 753 lo-pro that Raleigh (or more correctly Gerald O'Donovan - witness the sticker at the top of the seat tube) made for his unsuccessful attempt at the World hour record. more here-

 photo T2eC16NE9s2fp0MBQYJ4nKFg60_57_zps6d87b462.jpg  photo KGrHqNokFDyvePVGIBQYI8SRp60_57_zpseb2b9ea3.jpg  photo KGrHqJqgFCrurgTgQBQYJfz6F60_57_zps370495f8.jpg

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Argos cycles - Bristol UK.

Argos Cycles was established by Arthur Needham in 1974 specifically to produce custom bicycle frames. They began exporting to the USA and gained a strong reputation among local pro riders for the quality of their builds, constructed primarily from Reynolds tubes. Renovations, resprays and repairs also kept the business buoyant over the turbulent 80s, becoming a mainstay of the business. Argos Cycles were also well represented among the time trial community, which was a very popular style of local cycling. Here is an example from that era and genre,
more here-

 photo 2013-01-20152148_zpsef1df6421_zpsa13dd5a3.jpg