Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Edoardo Bianchi Time Trial bike

on the Ebay now- Edoardo Bianchi Time Trial, Frameset : Columbus EL Reparto Corse,CAMPAGNOLO RECORD 6s,stem : 3ttt, Handlebar : 3ttt Moscow .
thanks to Adam for the tip off.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Andy Gilmour - Tuson Arizona

For more than 30 years Andy Gilmour has been living his passion… hand-crafting custom frames and bicycles, one-bike-at-a-time. from here-

Monday, 23 April 2012


DIAMANT LO-PRO TIME TRIAL FRAME c1989 .Wheel size: 26in 650C front, 700C/sprints rear with brake drop of 50mm Seatpost size: 26.8mm There were two Diamant bicycle companies one in the former East Germany and other in Belgium. This one was built in Belgium and is from the late 1980s
from here-

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mecacycle Turbo - St Etienne France

The Turbo range was very popular in France, in the 80s, as were twin seat tubed frames in general, with examples being made by GELIANO, CACEG, and AMR, and Motobecane. Surprisingly the cyclo-cross version was particularly popular due to the fact that the mud and crud did not lodge between the tyre and the rear of the seat tube...a very free-running design. In spite of looking quite fragile, very few Turbos appear to have broken. The manufacturer claimed that the twin-tubed structure conferred a greater rigidity to the frame. from here-

A "TURBO" low-profile track frame made by MECACYCLE of St Etienne in the mid-80s. The main feature of the "TURBO" frame was the use of twin aero section fork blades used to replace the seat tube, enabling the rear wheel to pass between them, thereby producing a rear triangle of 37.5cms.. Various tube sets were available and the frame could be built for road track or time-trialling in low-profile or standard design. Early models had the tips of the blades bronze-welded to the bracket shell, but later ones used a special cast bracket with sleeves to receive the blades.
First introduced in 1983 as a "Bernard Thevenet" branded CIZERON, the model emerged a year or so later in the colours of Cycles Delcroix of St Amand les Eaux near Valanciennes in northern France.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Royal Dutch Gazelle - out of the Netherlands since 1892

Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest and most famous bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. Gazelle employs 550 workers at its factory in Dieren, The Netherlands, producing 300,000 bicycles a year. Total production has passed 13 million. Gazelle had success with the steel framed "Champion Mondial" bicycles and sponsored the now infamous TVM racing team.  The team folded in 2000 because of a doping scandal. thansk to Guilherme Lopes for some of the photos.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

FES - Germany - Power Pedal advert

Its a pedal advert, so why put a box over the pedals in the photo? from this flickr-

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Juggins custom built pursuit, Columbus Air/SL/SLX/Reynolds 531 - 1988

Bike was built to order to match my position on the drops of a 54 CM duralinox. Bars/stem off crown and concealed headset inspired by the bike of Maic Malchow, DDR, Winner of 1980 World Kilometre tt. Not ridden as fast as deserved, the bike was admired by both Chris Boardman and Colin Sturgess when I was competing at National Track Championships. from -

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Argos Cycles - Bristol/ Stuart Dangerfield UK.

On The Ebay now-
This fantastic Argos bike was handcrafted in Reynolds 853 tubing for Stuart Dangerfield to compete in the comonwealth games pursuit. It's provenance can be checked at Argos racing cycles Bristol quoting the frame number 9532.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Eddy " the cannibal" Merckx - Belgium

The Eddy Merckx Company was established 30 years ago with a mission to produce the finest cycles in the world!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Fabulous world of Cycling - Volumes 1-11

Published by Winning Magazine an annual, 1982-92 The closest cycling fans got to a Christmas annual. All the year’s big races told in words and pictures, accompanied by an acerbic question and answer session with Eddy Merckx, who always sounds frustrated at the failings of the modern riders. It’s as if he wants to shout: “It’s easy. Why can’t they just do what I did?” Many nice photos.

( i only have two more to collect!)