Friday, 21 October 2011

British time trialling from the 80s

A few images of my man David Mckellow (Polytechnic CC)
1/. Nelson low pro, built in Wales of Ishiwata 017 - probably a bit light
2/. Same frame - it had a brace behind the headtube to reduce flex in the forks
3/. Shorter low pro with 24 inch front wheel and Modolo rear brake fitted under the bracket
4/. Tom Board built Shorter - Columbus SLX - this frame was a road going version of Colin Sturgess's pursuit
frame - sadly the images don't really show it that well but the frame had many trick (for it's day) aero gussets and extensions
5/. Same frame, following season now finished in flourescent red with disk wheel
6/. Barry Chick built Condor - 26 in front wheel and one of the first of the tri bar era

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