Thursday, 27 October 2011

Big Migs hour record 1994

53.040 Miguel Indurain ESP Bordeaux 02.09.1994 59x14=8,76m

When Miguel Indurain announced to attack the hour record, the magazines predicted a sensational mark of 55 or 56 km/h. But some experts were more cautious, because Indurain's aerodynamic position on the bike was very poor - his head is very high in the air, always well above his shoulders
The actual attempt was finally well below 55 or 56 km/h. He started very slow and needed 20 km to match up with Graeme Obree's split times. After reaching an average speed of 53 km/h, he slowed down again and needed a sudden outburst between 30 and 35 km to stay above 53 km/h. He used a Pinarello carbon bike with a very aerodynamic frame and Campagnolo disc wheels.
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