Friday, 14 December 2012

Royal H. Cycles - Boston USA.

this bike is a combination of so many things that i’ve found awesome over the years. i have always been obsessed with the old funny bikes of the eighties and nineties. true to form, this bike has a 650c front zipp wheel and wound-up fork, but it also features nos vitus arcor aero tubing, a twin top tube, aero monostay made out of superthin fork blades, and g.p. wilson stainless steel dropouts. the rear wheel is a zipp 1150 custom painted by my sister. the black and white patterns produce the illusion of color once rotated. the effect is startlingly awesome. the rest of the drivetrain is polished shimano dura ace ae, the first group to be designed with aerodynamics in mind. the rear brake is tucked under the chainstays to keep it out of the wind. the look ergo stem is also polished, and allows you to get as aero as you dare. or to raise the bars a little so you don’t completely ruin your back (in my case). a super fun bike to ride- very, very fast in a straight line. a dragster for sure.
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