Thursday, 26 July 2012

Vitus - St. Etienne France

Vitus was a French bicycle manufacturer best known for its steel cycle frame tubing, and its frames built with aluminium tubes joined to aluminium lugs by bonding - a construction method the company pioneered in the late 1970s . Compared to modern aluminium bicycle frames, early Vitus aluminium frames, such as the 979, offered more comfort because of the small diameter of the tubes. As a result, the frames lacked some degree of lateral stiffness compared to their steel counterparts. now based in Ireland-

 Sean Kelly


  1. Hi, I have a complete Vitus 979 58cm Lo Pro with Mavic chainset, 640 pedals, 851 rear mech and 810 front mech which I am thinking of selling. Wheels are Durex rear and Wolber front. Hubs are Record L/F rear and Ofmega front. Bars are TTT 51.15 and TTT stem. Saddle is Gipiemme Pluma Titanium. Seat pin is Campag. Frame colour is red with white transfers. Anyone interested?
    Colin Barratt.

    1. Hi Colin - I have contacted you via google mail.