Wednesday, 18 January 2012

D. Salmon - Velo Revolutionaire

The first model of this bike was built in the mid-to-late 70s, by Daniel SALMON, and was he claimed, the first ever low-profile bike of modern times. It was used by the French National Amateur team. Because Salmon thought it was quite revolutionary he called it just that - le Velo Revolutionnaire,a nd even to this day his down-tube transsfers still have this name written in them. The bike in the photo id very interesting with its smaller diameter front wheel, probably a 26"(or 650), although he is known to have used 24" as well. One fascinating feature is the deeply fluted seat-tube, which, as if this is not enough to shorten the wheelbase, is curved towards the bottom as well. Note the mounting of the front brake behind the front fork crown - a position pioneered by Manufrance in the 1930s. from here-

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  1. Great bike! Don't forget that Bernard Henault and Greg LeMonde used Salmon built velos revolutionnarie in their winning bids of the Tour de France. Yes, Salmon built those. The one Hinault used is currently for sale. 10,000euros.